Chemicals legislation

For many years, the marketing of substances and mixtures has been linked to growing chemical legislation at EU level, controlled by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and supplemented by national regulations derived from it.

The EU Regulation CLP (VO (EU) 1272/2008) defined a new EU-uniform system of classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures.

The EU Regulation REACH (VO (EU) 1907/2006) defines processes that apply to imports from non-EU countries (and production via chemical syntheses). The registration of substances has been established as a central process here. We have registered more than 60 substances since the REACH regulation came into force in order to keep these products available for our customers. Our subsidiaries are also involved in these processes. Please find here our REACH brochure!

To implement the requirements of both central (and other) regulations, we use modern and digital systems that enable us, for example, to create safety data sheets for our products in a legally secure and timely manner and to send them automatically.

The new chemicals strategy developed within the framework of the EU Green Deal will once again make lasting changes to EU chemicals law. We are following the developments closely and are already in the process of adapting processes and products accordingly.

But other countries (non-EU) are also further developing their chemical legislation (e.g. Korea (K-REACH), Turkey (KKDIK), UK (UK-REACH) etc.). 

We keep an eye on all these developments in chemical legislation and ensure that our products can also be marketed in these regions.