Why Innovate with PureSea® Protect

PureSea® naturally innovative seaweed ingredients are sourced from the pristine and remote Scottish Outer Hebrides. PureSea® is carefully processed using Patent Pending technologies, with every batch DNA Authenticated for quality and provenance.

The ingredients’ easy-to-use formats are now taken to even greater levels with PureSea® Protect (micro-encapsulated seaweed).  This latest addition to the range remains fully plant based, has no flavours or aromas and has been proven to protect key seaweed nutrients during the gastric phase of digestion and is even soluble in cold water. Specific polyphenols in PureSea® have also been demonstrated to help manage blood sugar release (on-going research).

As the only natural and vegan iodine source, seaweed addresses many market opportunities, with EU Approved Health Claims.

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